The Richards Orthopaedics Center is the perfect match of over three generations of family tradition in sports, fitness, and medical expertise. The services offered at this center is both knowledge and experienced based.

Diving Officials Coordinator, 1996 Olympics

I have had this and Dr. Richards fixed me up fast. I was pain free in no time. Thanks.

(Plantar Fasciitis)

I had my knee replaced five years ago with Dr. Richards and it went very well, so when my second knee needed replaced, I contacted him again. My knee surgery went extremely well and my treatment at his office was wonderful. I can’t say enough about his treatment and the treatment I received with his rehab people. I came back so well the first time, it was not a surprise that Jack and his crew brought me back just as well the second time around. If I were to need any orthopedic treatment in the future, I would not hesitate to contact Dr. Richards. I would recommend him to anyone who needed orthopedic treatment.

(Knee Replacement)