I have been a patient at Richards Orthopaedic Center and Sports Medicine since April, 2014.  Dr. Richards, Jr. has provided excellent care and has made my hip replacements a positive experience.  In June of 2014, I had a left hip total replacement, followed by a right hip total replacement in May of 2015.  Both surgeries went well and my pain vanished immediately.  I am now totally pain free for the first time in over two and one half years.  Dr. Richards and his staff are very thorough from diagnosis through all post operative follow-up appointments.  He is a very kind and gentle man with a fantastic bedside manner.  I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Richards and his staff at Richards Orthopaedic Center and Sports Medicine and I would highly recommend ROC to anyone.

Hip Replacement

After my PRP ankle injection by Dr. Robert Holzshu, I am now able to flex my ankle without pain and lie on my back in bed with my heel on the mattress instead of needing to elevate it!

Barbara Johns

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The staff at Richards Orthopaedic Center and Sports Medicine is to be commended for a job well done! From the first visit with ex-rays and diagnosis by Doctor Karli, through the surgery by Doctor Karli, subsequent follow ups and rehab, I could not have been more prepared on my expectations. Doctor Karli gave me a thorough explanation on what needed done, how she would do it, the pain to expect, and the length of healing. The no nonsense approach was really appreciated as she did not sugar coat the process to get the “sale”. The foot surgery that was performed was fairly extensive in my mind and I really appreciated the compassion and professionalism by Doctor Karli and all the staff. I would recommend Richards Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine to anyone.

Rod Hocker

I have approximately 75-80 per cent less discomfort in my knee since having a PRP injection by Dr. Robert N. Richards, Jr.  Each day seems like there is less and less pain and discomfort!

John R. Sluser         

John R. Sluser

I have suffered so much pain for over a year with plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  I had several cortisone shots with no relief.  A friend recommended Dr. Karli Richards, DPM, and I have felt like family since my first visit.  The pain has decreased 90%,  since my PRP injection, (platelet rich plasma).  I am thrilled with my results and I can highly recommend this treatment.  I have very little pain!

Esther Martin