Richards Orthopaedic Center  Physical Therapy Offers Graston Technique

Graston Technique ®  is a specific method of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization which is used to treat a variety of soft tissue problems including tendonitis and fascial pain syndrome including:

            •           Medial and lateral epicondylitis (Golfer's elbow or tennis elbow)

            •           Shoulder tendonitis

            •           Plantar fasciitis

            •           Morton's neuroma

            •           Achilles tendinitis

            •           ITB syndrome

            •           Wrist tendonitis

            •           Cervical and lumbar strains

What differentiates Graston Technique ®  from other methods of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is the quality of the instruments and the education required to become certified in this technique.  The high quality instruments act as an extension of the therapists' hands in evaluating and treating restricted fascia and scar tissue and allowing for more effective mobilization of soft tissue.  The result is more effective treatment which allows patients to return to activity sooner.  Fewer sessions of Physical Therapy are required to achieve the same results as with traditional soft tissue mobilization. 


What to expect:

A typical treatment including Graston Technique ®  will include a evaluation by the Physical Therapist. To determine the best treatment.  Most sessions will include a warm-up using active exercise or heating modalities followed by treatment using Graston Technique.  The technique involves assessment and treatment through sweeping the instruments over the skin followed by deeper techniques as appropriate.  After Graston Technique ® the session may include stretching, taping or icing.  Most patients are instructed in home exercises to complement in clinic treatment. 

At this time ROC Physical Therapy is the only clinic in Chambersburg that offers this innovative technique. Both James Kinton PT,DPT,OCS and Deb Peters PTA are certified in Graston technique. Please visit: and click on For the Patient to locate Graston Providers, to review research and find a list of professional sports teams that use this technique.