Philip J. Wishard

I had pain in both knees, over the years, that was getting more severe and I was tired of the pain.  X-rays showed that both knees were "bone on bone", so I decided to have both knees replaced at the same time.  I was in good health, not on any prescription medicine, nor overweight.  A friend recommended Dr. Robert Richards, JR.  I made an appointment with him and he agreed that I was in good health to have both knees replaced at the same time.  I had surgery on January 19, 2016 and the surgery took 3 and 1/2 hours.  I started physical therapy right after the surgery and was discharged two days later from the hospital.  The incisions looked good with no bleeding or infection.  I was able to start a rigorous program or physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery.  It was hard work that needed to be done to meet my goal of walking with no pain.  Dr. Richards, JR., and his Physician Assistant, Shannon Alloway were surprised at how well I could bend my knees back, ten days after surgery.  I continued physical therapy for two months with much success.  My goal was to walk with no pain and I accomplished  that goal. I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Richards, JR. and his staff for their professionalism and for doing a great job in helping me to walk with no pain.

Total Knee Replacements